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" The One That I Want "


Some people say I have an ATTITUDE, I can not imagine why,

When they say this about me I could just break down and cry!!!

My Mother told me that one day MY FRIEND would come along,

That I would be a woman, from that moment on,

I always try to act my best never act catty,

So when you said I have an ATTITUDE, WELL it just drives me batty,

When I try to be a lady, it seems I'm at my worse,

I think my Sister was right, when she called it the curse,

So please don't say I have an ATTITUDE, I know I look a sight,

It is only when my friend drops by, that I am ready to fight!

9/18/02 To ALL MY SISTERS!! ( We are all related ya know. :-) ©Copyright 9/18/02 ~ Johnnie Oakes ~


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