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Christmas Again

Here it is Christmas on the Ms. Gulf Coast again,

It is really sad the conditions we are still living in.

Few stockings are hung on the chimney with care,

Empty lots have replaced the homes that were there.

After sixteen months we are still waiting in fear,

Praying each day that the grants will appear.

The insurance adjuster is warm and snug in his bed,

Yet the horror of Katrina still dance in our heads.

Frosty wind is nipping at the sad and homeless nose,

As they search for stockings to warm up their toes.

People who once owned their home after paying for it most of their life,

Sit in a FEMA trailer the pain cuts like a knife.

If I could make a wish for Christmas this year,

It would be that the Coast have hope and take away the fear.

A chill fills the air, yes it is Christmas time in the city again,

I pray the world will find out the shape the Coast is still in.

ęcopyright Johnnie Oakes