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Come with me to a place called D'Iberville,

Nestled in Mississippi so peaceful and still.

There was an explorer named Pierre LeMoyne.

This man saw its beauty, thus D'Iberville was born,

Over the years this place has grown,

Yet any one who visits can call it home.

It offers food beyond compare,

I tell you the truth, I gained ten pounds there,

Rusty Quave, is a Mayor that cares.

No matter the problem it's his to share,

The people are friendly a smile on their face,

It does not matter to them your Religion, your social standing's, or even your race.

D'Iberville a Place where Southern charm can still be found,

I'm sure Pierre LeMoyne knew this when his feet first touched its ground.

Written for Mayor Quave and the People of D'Iberville

 6-13-01 By Johnnie Oakes