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As I lay me down to sleep in a far and distant land,

I truly believe in those sweet words " of the I stand"

Dear God I made a promise to defend those that are in need,

So many angry people waiting to plant hateful seed.

I must have the strength to face each day with hope,

Dear God help me struggle through each task, help me to cope.

I see our American flag flying high in the sky,

To see this is an honor, I feel my chest rise with pride.

A Soldier's life at war is sometimes hard to take,

I must stand tall with my buddies for America's sake.

As I sit here so far from home in the dark long night,

I am an American Soldier, and I will stand for what is right!

When this war is over and I am safe at home,

I will look back on these long day's at war, and know I was never alone.

For Charles (Boe) Hawkins

With love and pride

Aunt Johnnie

10-28-04 ( Boe was given 2 weeks leave when his son Kyle was born. Here Boe holds Kyle just after he got home. Boe returned to fight for America 11-02- 04)