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Do not look for me on Hoxie Street, I do not live there any more,

I am safe in the arms of Jesus, I have crossed the Golden Shore.

Sometimes my life was a struggle, I did my very best.

I saw joy pain and sorrow, though it all I stood the test.

My children meant the world to me they were my gifts from up above,

My friends were dear to my heart, I tried to show my love.

No matter what life tossed my way, I remained strong and stand tall,

Now I live in a land of wonder it was worth it all.

There are folks I saw today I have not seen in years,

The smile on their dear faces, the happiness very clear.

I took a walk with my mother, we talked most of the day,

We are so happy just being together again, we had a lot to say.

I saw my daddy sitting in a swing taking in the bright sunlight,

To see him sitting there was a wonderful sight.

I stopped and sat beside him, said there is so much to see,

He took my hand then said " My Dear Hazel you have eternity."

For my friend Hazel Fletcher

Johnnie Oakes