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I would like to dedicate this book to the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. From the bottom of my heart I say, God Bless you all.

To the volunteers that reached out to the people here in our time of need. We were alone in a void of haunted darkness. We were in a world turned upside down. You gave us hope, "without hope all is lost." Johnnie Oakes 4/01/2006

To people around the world that have heard those words" You have Cancer". Cancer is only a six letter word, but it is one of the most horrifying words you can hear.

To my friends and family, thank you for being part of my life. I love you, just thought you should know that.

To my husband of 36 years John ( Buster) Oakes.

Thank you for all the hours you put in getting this book ready for print. We had a few disagreements but it was fun. Right honey?

I Love You Buster, what do you think of trying for another 36 years?

Johnnie Oakes


I want tell you something and I promise that it is true,

With everything I am or will ever be " I'm in Love with you.

I know sometimes it seems that I have drifted far away,

I want to spend my life with you forever I will stay.

Sometimes I watch you sleeping,looking as handsome as can be,

I wish you could see inside my heart, you mean the world to me.

We have been together so many years most of our life,

After all these years together, I'm still so proud to be your wife.

Do you remember when we met when we were young and kids?

Sometimes we sit and laugh over the silly things we did.

I will always treasure those sweet times of long ago,

Buster I will stand by because I still Love you so.

Never doubt my love for you, I'm so glad you're mine,

I will Love you forever, until the end of time.

When my life is over, God calls me away,

Don't you worry my Buster, that Love for you will stay.

For Buster 3/26/2006


Your WIFE for LIFE

Johnnie S. Oakes