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I see me as a woman with a strong back ground. I've meet so many people in my walk through this life that love me and believe in me. Just like anyone else their are others that seem to think I'm not all that great, oh well that is not a concern to me any more.

At one time in my life I was hurt by people that did not care for me, this no longer brothers me. I know I'm a good person, I've never judged others, tried to find good even when there seemed to be none to be found.

My dad once told me " Johnnie, you have a way about you. There seems to be no in between. When people meet you, they either love you or don't even like you.

At the time I didn't understand his words of wisdom now I fully understand.

I'm from a meager back ground, I may leave this world with only the necessities of life. I can say one thing for certain, it has been one huge roller coaster ride.

I've had times that I could not go on but had no choice. There have been wonderful times I will take with me through this life and beyond.

Would I change somethings in my life if given the opportunity? Well, sure I would!! However we are not on a stage where a director yells "CUT" then you try the scene again.

You get one chance at any given moment of your life. Each moment within this a part of your past that you can't go back and change nor relive be it good or bad. Oh you can try to recapture a special time in your life. I think it is impossible to recreate any moment of your life.

Never let go of the sweet memories, they will take you over some ruff roads, get you though your darkest hours, make that HUGE mountain much eaiser to climb.

No matter what you face be it a hurricane, death of a loved one and even a hurricane like Katrina never let go.

Thank for reading my book " Katrina Living in a Nightmare"

My other books that are available are.

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