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Mother's Day poem for my Mom ( Dimple Hill)

Mother's Day

Thank you for all the kindness and love you gave to me,

A more caring Mom there will never be!

When I'm down and feeling low,

I have sweet memories of not long ago.

You always built me up and made me feel good,

You taught me to love my own as a Mother should.

You had you on way with such style and grace,

There is no one who could ever take your place.

The day's have grown sad for me when you were called home,

I hold on to your sweet love and memory, when I feel sad and alone.

Some say that I'm like you, God I pray they are right,

I need you Mom to fight the good fight.

Happy Mother's Day dear Mom, I love you still,

I know in my heart I alway's will.

copyright Johnnie Oakes

Mother's Day May the 8th 2005

Love; Johnnie