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DIMPLE JEWEL HILL 7/06/1918 -- 12/05/2000


If every day seems cloudy, and you feel heartache and pain,

You search for the sun, but find only the rain,

You are searching for a rainbow, but only darkness find,

There seems no way out, you cannot find peace of mind.

Your world is spinning wildly out of control,

The pain seems to extend to the depth of your soul.

Look beyond the pain to remove any doubt,

For in this world of wonders, there's a place where all things work out.

Take a look deep inside your heart,

For this is where you will make a fresh start.

You will find the innocence of a child at play,

The child you thought you had lost along the way.

This child has stored the memory of climbing huge trees,

The salty air sent by the ocean breeze.

The taste of cotton candy at the country fair,

Playing hide-and-go-seek in the cool crisp air.

Remembering the touch of a motherly embrace,

As she pulls you close and kisses your face.

Remembering the beauty of days gone by,

As you allow these memories you can touch the sky.

Life is an adventure, full of ups and downs,

Hold tightly to this one you have, there is no second time around.

ęcopyright Johnnie Oakes ~


Mom told me everything should have a second chance.

This is for my Mom Dimple Hill.