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PRESS RELEASE ( of Johnnie Oakes)

March 20, 2004

The witty, charming, multi-talented Johnnie Oakes hails from Memphis, TN, the youngest of seven children.  Although she was born in Memphis,  Johnnie will state in a heartbeat that she's lived on the Coast almost all of her life as Johnnie moved to Biloxi when she was a child.  Being the daughter of a preacher, Johnnie started off singing gospel at an early age,  three years of age to be exact. Johnnie is the lead singer of The Liberty Messengers, a family gospel group.  Not only does Johnnie Oakes sing, but she writes poetry as well.  Her poetry has been featured in the May and July, 2003  issues of Skyline Magazine.  Johnnie Oakes will also be Skyline's featured artist in its September, 2004 issue.   Also by year's end, Johnnie Oakes' poetry will appear in  Noble House Publishers' Theatre of the Mind, which is a United Kingdom publication featuring over 225 artists from all over the world.   Johnnie Oakes and/or her poetry has been featured in various Gulf Coast newspapers. Johnnie Oakes, has appeared as a guest on local radio and television talk shows.  Her new book's can be found in the downtown Biloxi Library, D'Iberville Library, as wll as the Saint Martin Library.Although she two books she continues to write poetry, Ms. Oakes is in the process of writing children's book.  Johnnie Oakes resides in Biloxi, Mississippi. She is a wonderful poet and lady.

We are so pleased to have Johnnie grace our pages in SKYLINE.

Victoria Valentine

SKYLINE Magzine publisher/owner