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"Some one to watch over me"



As I walked into the Church, there was not a sound,

I am not sure that my feet were even touching the ground

This was the day I had waited for all my life,

I was going to become a married woman, a wife

I looked at the handsome man, that I call my Dad,

We both were happy, yet still a little sad,

He was walking with his little girl to give her away,

I will always remember, my Dad that day,

Then I saw my Mom, she had been the best friend on Earth,

She got that title the day of my birth,

I looked into the eyes man that I love,

I could feel joy, sent from Heaven above,

Then the preacher said " You may Kiss the bride",

I saw my husband look at me with wonder and pride,

As he pulled me close, our lips met,

This is a day I will never forget,

We gave to each other, a matching wedding band,

Walked into our future, hand and hand,

He became my husband, I became his wife,

I take thee my love for the rest of my life,

ęcopyright ~Johnnie Oakes ~ 9/10/02

For My Son John C. and his wife Jackie, together two years. Oh, they have a One year old daughter, Jacee.