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Let me tell of a place called WOSM,

It is the candle in the window, if your hopes are dim.

It is the joy that you feel in the early morning Sun,

It is the station to tune in if your looking for fun.

They play true Southern Gospel that will touch your soul,

The words tell you of a place where the streets are paved with gold.

Margaret has a show called Looking Around,

She interviews all kinds of people with different back grounds.

She is a really sweet person, a wonderful host,

She is known as a kind lady up and down the Coast.

The staff at WOSM make you feel at home,

You get a warm welcome like you are their very own.

Charles Cooper is gentle kind hearted man,

He is always waiting to lend a helping hand.

Larry plays the piano with a smile on his face,

He adds to the warmth of this wonderful place.

They have a variety of shows to suit every taste,

I think they offer the best in any State.

There are preachers that also bring you food for your soul,

They tell of a place where we will never grow old.

WOSM 103.1 on your dial,

Tune in today and listen for a while.

5 - 26 - 04

Written by Johnnie Oakes for WOSM!!