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" Church in the wild wood"


All day singings, " Dinner on the ground",

People showed up from miles around,

We would get to the Church at early daylight,

Then my Momma would say " You better behave, not get into a fight",

My Momma always sat on the second row,

With my sister and I on the first " To Keep us in tow",

The preacher would ask " Would will, TURN GRACE,"

As I stood looking silly with a grin on my face,

Thinking of " Turning Grace?" such, an odd sound"

Why on Earth did they call it " DINNER ON THE GROUND?

There was Southern fried chicken, That is what all the ladies cooked best,

How did I know this? Cause I heard them tell {OUR} Guest,

There was corn on the cob grown Southern Style,

It was said that the taste would make anyone smile,

When the day was over, I was as silent as a mouse,

I can still hear my Momma words " WAIT TILL I GET YOU TO THE HOUSE!!!!!"

ęcopyrights ~Johnnie Oakes~ 2/21/02

For My Sisters and Brother. Willa, Jessie, Frances, Nora and my brother James. ( Frances passed away 1/21/96) James (passed away 11/03/98)

I love you all you gave me these memories, you were and still are my heroes.