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It was that same voice I had heard many times,

It took me back to another place when you were still mine.

I could see the love in your face,

This was something that time could not erase.

I could see us together all those years ago,

The look in your eyes the soft sweet glow.

I could hear your heart, like the whisper of the Sea,

Do you remember when you still loved me?

We talked for hours yet said not a word,

Yet those memories of you my beating heart heard.

This thing I had waited for seemed like such a long time,

Those golden years, when you were still mine.

We had parted all those years ago,

With each passing year I missed you so.

We each went on trying to fill the empty space,

Yet nothing or none took take your place.

Without saying a word we knew all would be well,

Once again I was under your spell.

You are all I could hope for and so much more,

I give you my heart with all my love, its you I adore.

Our sweet love we no longer have to hide,

We will walk through this life side by side.

ęcopyright Johnnie Oakes


for Pat & Jessie; with love