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"He Touched Me"


As I stepped outside this morning, a stillness filled the air,

The troubles that I must face today, could anything compare?

I could see the sun peeking over the mountain tops,

I saw the farmer down the way tending to his crops,

Somewhere a baby bird cried out hoping his Mom was on the way,

As I sat there watching the start of a brand new day,

My heart was filled with trouble I could not bear the pain,

As my tears started to pour was, it all in vain?

I had read about this man called Jesus and His humble birth,

How He had walked around healing people all over this great Earth,

I knew that He had died upon a cross at Calvary,

How He had given His life for everyone, Yes even me,

I remember these words from a song from so very long ago,

Jesus loves me the Bible tells me so,

No longer a baby in a manger, no longer a man upon a tree,

No longer a man who walks the Sea of Galiee,

No longer is He so far away from me that I can't touch Him;

He has made Himself a body..... He lives in me.

copyright ~ Johnnie Oakes ~