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"Butterfly Kisses


As I sat by her bed she told me about her life,

How she had to struggle to be a good Mother and Wife,

She had let God into her life when she was only a girl,

If not for this day in her life, she could not have made it in this old world,

Her eyes sparkled on her face I saw a glow,

She told of a place where she was going to go, a place where the milk and honey flow, <> In my heart I knew that it woud not be very long,

From this world my Mom would fly, then she could be strong,

She saw herself as a Yellow Butter Fly,

Where she would float, high above this old world, in the bright blue sky,

I knew that My Mothers time had passed,

She was leaving this body of pain, FREE AT LAST,

As I awoke this morning, I felt the warmth of the Sun,

She had the Victory in Jesus her battle was won,

I could hear hear the soft flutter of a butterfly's wing,

Bringing sweet peace to my soul again,

copyright ~ Johnnie Oakes~

For My Mom Dimple Hill..... Thank you Mom, I love you and miss you so much........ But FLY MOM FLY


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