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"Dear Hearts and Gentle People"


Come with me to my house if only for a day,

Don't worry how to get there, I will be happy to tell you the way,

Take a right at the dirt road, look for a sign that says Sandy Ridge,

You will know that you are going in the right direction when you cross the covered bridge,

To your left you will see a mountain, that is were I used to run and play,

I loved taking my old sled up there on a snow-covered day,

Take a right at the next dirt road you will see an old Oak tree,

Hanging from the a limb is the swing my Daddy made for me,

If you listen very close you will hear the sound my Dad's guitar from somewhere far away,

It strums out a pretty tune to guide you on your way,

Can you smell the soft scent of the flowers coming from the mountain top?

In the spring time they give up the space for my Daddy's crop,

Can you hear a soft sweet voice saying it is time to eat?

As you are walking into my Momma's house, do not forget to wipe your feet.

copyright ~ JOHNNIE OAKES ~