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" Tears from Heaven"

"You Are Invited" from the Inspired Artwork of Danny Hahlbohm, copyrighted and used with his gracious permission.


He was named after a boat called The Robert E Lee,

The E stood for nothing, this was strange to me,

He left home when he was only a boy,

I guess there were problems that took away his joy....

I wonder how he made it all those years all alone,

Never had a place that he could call home,

He married my Mother for the world to see,

They raised a BIG family, plus the dog and me,

He was a fine Southern preacher, set in his ways,

He had a big job with a son and five girls to raise,

He became disable when I was just a girl,

I had him on a pedestal, He could not leave this world!!

We were called to his bedside all those long years,

He always made it, I had nothing to fear,

It has been over twenty eight years, when I was twenty three,

Daddy was called to Heaven, How can this be?

I can see him looking down on me, a big smile on his face,

No One can ever fill the empty space,

For My Daddy Robert E Lee Hill. With All My Love, on this day it is sealed in Heaven forever 5/29/02

ęcopyright ~ Johnnie Oakes ~