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"Wonderful tonight"


Did you know that my life did not start until the day I met You?

Did you know that I thought I was alive all those years, guess I just never knew,

Did you know the moment I heard your voice, was the day I started to live?

Did you know until that day there was nothing left of me to give,

Did You know that I have grown to love you more with each passing day?

I love the way you let me talk for hours, when I do not have much to say,

Did you know I have let you go to places in my heart that no one has ever been?

I just could not allow, myself to feel again, I would never anyone in,

Did you know that I will never, let go of this love you have given me?

If only I could write your name in the clouds, that you have let me see,

A Love like ours happens only once in a life time, I remembing reading that somewhere,

In your good times, your sad times until the end of time I will never let you down I will be there.

9/25/02 ęcopyright ~Johnnie Oakes ~ For My sweet love.Thank you for all the years being my one and only. Thank you for taking me from the darkness and into the light. Thank you for loving me and being my love, my man, my soul mate my friend,most of all for marrying me!Thank you for always being there in good and bad times.You inspired this one, Thank you.