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" Every Breath You Take"


Her nick is Drama Mama because of her attitude,

She will tell you in a heart beat that she thinks that you're rude.

She carries herself like a lady with warm Southern charm,

If you push your luck with her, you could set off her alarm.

She can be your best friend and will stand by your side,

If you make her angry, better find a place to hide.

She never acts like she is better that anyone she meets,

If you disrespect her, those heels become football cleats,

She was raised to treat others with dignity and respect,

If you treat her any different, then you have just stuck out your neck.

Drama Mama is a lady with a classic beauty sweet and fair,

It would be sad if you should turn and find that she is not there.

Never doubt her loyalty; she is there in good times and bad,

I'm just saying that you really don't want to make Drama Mama mad.

ęcopyright 1/17/03 ~ Johnnie Oakes ~

For my Soul Sister RONNA M. ^5 you go girl!