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"Special Angel"


Come sit with me for a spell,

Let me tell you the story of my Gabrielle,

The first time I saw her I was only three,

I was scared of that big dog behind the tree.

She came to my rescue chased him away,

She has never left my side 'til this very day,

The first time I talked to her I was only four,

She said honey don't you worry about that boy next door.

She told me her name was Gabrielle Lee,

She was sent from Heaven to protect me,

She laughed at me when I wanted to drive,

She gave me a hug " you are only five".

She sat by my bed each and every night,

Told me stories of wonder and delight,

Everyone said she was my imaginary friend,

When they said that she would look at me and grin,

She was there holding my hand in times of sorrow,

She always reminded me look for tomorrow,

She has been by my side throughout the years,

Always been there through laughter and tears.

She is a bit bent her clothes tattered and torn,

From caring for me from the day I was born,

She took me for walks beside a clear stream,

She taught me to never let go of my dreams.

Most of all she still stands by me.

My Angel, my friend, my Gabrielle Lee.

ęcopyrights ~ Johnnie Oakes ~