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"In The Garden"

"He speaks, and the sound of His voice
is so sweet the birds hush their singing"


You have heard " It is more Blessed To Give Than Receive"

Please Let Me Tell You What These Words Mean To Me,

It is taking time out to check on a friend,

Letting them know you are there, for them,

Making extra food for the people next door,

Telling them that is what you are here for,

Making a call, just to talk for a while,

You may not see it, but you have made someone smile,

Giving of yourself is the greatest gift of all,

Listen to your own Heart when you get the call,

Yes it is true " It is more Blessed To give than receive,"

Just wanted to say I will be here if you need me.

ęcopyright ~ Johnnie Oakes~ 08/16/02

"Thy Will Be Done", artwork from the Inspired Art of Danny Hahlbohm. It is copyrighted and used with his gracious permission


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