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"I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing"


Last Night I Had A Golden Dream,

You walked with me beside a stream,

Hand and hand we walked into the night,

The moon glistened on the water so bright,

You laughed at something that I had said,

Then looked at me and shook your head,

You pulled me close said " Are you for real"?

As you hand touched my arm I could feel a chill,

Was this a dream? Are you really near?

I know for sure its your voice I hear,

I feel your eyes as they look at me,

Can any other love such as we?

I see your shadow in the pale moon light,

As we stroll together into the night,

I hear a bird sing out a tune,

I hear a dog howl at the moon,

Does he feel the sadness deep in my heart?

Knowing at day break you and I shall part,

We lay beneath an old Elm Tree,

I feel your warm arms as they reach for me,

I go farther into a land some where,

A place where only you and I share.

ęcopyright 4/02/01

~ Johnnie Oakes~