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As I hold you in my arms for the first time, I look down at your innocent face and tell you, "I am your Grandma" and I tell you what good friends we'll become. I promise you that my heart will always be a safe haven where my love for you will know no obstacles. I will always have faith in you and believe in you. My home will always be your home. You are my second chance, sweet innocent baby. My second chance to bake cookies, and watch the sparkling anticipation in your eyes. My second chance to sit and rock a baby to sleep in my arms, experiencing the tiny heart beating next to mine as you rest upon my chest. My second chance to experience the wonder of a child discovering he can walk and blow dandelions into the sky. A second chance to view the world through the innocence of a child's heart. And this time, there will be no rushing to keep schedules and clean the house. You have the advantage of my years and having gained the wisdom of knowing what's really important in life. You have the advantage that I know my place in the world and that a few cobwebs don't really matter. As the poem goes, you have the advantage that I now know that babies don't keep. I promise to be a child with you when you need me to be and a source of strength when that's what you need from me. I promise that you will hear more yeses from me and fewer noes, but I will always honor and respect the place of your mother and father, into whose care God has placed you. I will never try to outshine them or diminish their role in your life. For as much as I love you, they love you more. We'll grow old together... I'll just get there a little sooner. And someday, when I'm gone, you'll look back upon all the times we shared and you'll smile. The word "Grandmother" will always hold a special place in your heart, just as you have always held one in mine.

*With Love; Grandma Johnnie