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"I Know Who Holds Tomorrow"


He can take a tiny seed make it grow into a tall tree,

With one swoop of His mighty hand He can calm the raging sea,

He can fill your heart with hope, when all hope is gone,

He can mend your broken heart, help you to remain strong,

He hears your heart cry out for help; you get through that long lonely night,

He can lift you up above it all until the morning light,

In your darkest hour when you can feel only hurt and despair,

Take it all to your best friend Jesus, He loves you and still cares,

When you think you can not go on another day,

When the troubles of life are there in the way,

Hold your head up high give Him your hand,

Give it to Jesus, I know He Can,

ęcopyright 7/30/02 ~ Johnnie Oakes ~


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