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"You'll Never Walk Alone"


He could hear the crowd screaming " Crucify, Crucify Him"

These were His chosen people, He Loved them,

He was beaten,bleeding, hurting,

His Heart was broken, yet He still Walked,

He felt so alone, his disciples had left Him, betrayed Him,

Yet He walked,

He looked back at the crowd, the people were spitting on Him, mocking Him,

He knew because of what He was doing today, they would never be alone,

So He Walked,

The Sound of His cries echoed through the crowd,

They were blending with the sound of the hammer driving in the spikes into Him,

A voice spoke to Him " I am with you my Son"

As His body was dying, His heart was beating out the words " I'm doing this for you"

Then Once again He Walked, And still does today,

To show how much I love Him, I wake up in the morning, turn my eyes to Him, I smile,

Then I Walk.

ęcopyright ~ Johnnie Oakes ~ 3/23/02