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Hot Tamale Stand

If you are looking for a taste with a Kick that is grand,

Then my friend you must drop by Doris' Hot Tamale Stand.

They serve up Hot Tamales with a big smile on their face,

You will feel better that you stopped at this small, yet friendly place.

Doris' starts cooking in the morning very early at six,

She has the same recipe from her families special mix.

Then her son and the rest join to roll these Hot Tamales by hand,

You will never find a taste so yummy from a can.

When they are working side by side do they think of days of long ago,

When Mr.Jim had a dream, and that dream still lives on.

I was just a little girl when he pushed his cart around,

Offering up His Hot Tamales up and down the streets in town.

Doris' helped prepare the Hot Tamales for many years,

She didn't want this dream to fade, just simply disappear.

Doris' opened up her own stand thirty years ago,

Serving the best Hot Tamales with a smile all aglow.

To Doris'

With warm regards & respect; Johnnie Oakes

Congratulations on 30 years of hard work.

Here's to 30 more years.