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"He touched me"


I was driving down a country lane one cold November day,

Thinking of Thanksgivings past, and the one that was on the way.

I was not going to cook this year, I did not even care,

I saw a tall Oak tree, an old man was sitting there.

He looked so cold and lonely, I pulled over for a bit,

He looked up at me, invited me to sit.

He said my name is Henry, I've lived here most of my life,

I met my Mary Lou under this tree, one month later she was my wife,

We built a house just over there, lived together for sixty two years,

She give me thirteen children, when I think of them I have tears.

My Mary went to Jesus, about ten years ago,

I'm thankful for the time we had, I loved my Mary so.

I remember the year the fever hit; she sat by our babies' bed,

God called nine up with Him, my Mary bowed her head,

I'm thankful, Lord, that You saw fit to have these children for a while,

As I sat and cried from my heart, I saw my Mary smile.

We lost two boys in that great war, they died for what was right,

Yes, they are gone but will always be forever in my sight,

Last year my oldest daughter went home with the rest,

I'm thankful to God she did not hurt, God always knows what's best,

It was time to say good bye to this sweet old man,

As I stood up he reached out, gently took my hand,

He smiled and said be thankful for all your tests,

Give it all to Jesus, He will do the rest.

I had only taken a few steps when a chill filled the air,

I saw an Eagle taking flight, as I turned the old man was not there.

Dear God help me to be thankful, never lose my faith,

A miracle is waiting; all I must do is wait.

ęcopyright 11/13/02

~ Johnnie Oakes ~