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My Sister,My Angel

"The Way We Were"


Her life was like a candle glowing in the night,

Her beauty was warm and inviting, yet no one to hold her tight,

She often was left all alone to shine all by herself,

Was often put away up on that cold lonely shelf,

Just like the warm scented candle, she let her beauty shine,

She must be silent, never when put away, never speak her mind,

The years went on her life grew short, just like the candle flame,

Yet she would hold her head up look ahead, hope her life was not in vain,

She had witnessed, happy times, made others smile, because of her tiny glow,

Had looked into her own candle, told it things that only it could know,

Had she did her best with her own life?

Some memories cut her deep, like a knife,

Then she took a breath, closed her tired brown eyes.......... Then the flame went out.

Copyright Johnnie Oakes 1/21/02

For Frances Whyte, My Sister. Called home 1/21/96