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Johnnie's Southern Style Turkey Recipe

Preparing a turkey Southern Style right can take a big chunk out of your day.

Go into your back yard build a large fire.( make sure you have the garden hose close by, just in case)

Look in the shed and get the wash tub, place it in the center of the fire. Fill it with four or five gallon's of fresh water.( this will be explained later)

Okay, now walk into the wood's behind the out-house. ( turkey's like to hang out there)

Stand around making " gobble, gobble" sounds.

My favorites way to get his attention is to go turkey hunting right after I get out of bed.

No make-up hair not comb, the early morning natural look.

When the turkey walks up just yell " boo ". This is a tried and true method for me.

When the turkey see's you he ( as a rule passes away from heart failure.)

This is much better than whacking him over the head or blowing his head off with a shot gun. ( We are talking about a real turkey, not your ex.)

Okay, take the turkey to the boiling tub of water. ( make certain he is dead!!) They tend to get a little angry when put him in the boiling water, if they are not dead!

Take the turkey out of the water pluck him clean of feathers. ( Okay I will not go there.)

Make certain all feather's are cleaned off the turkey. ( they tend to be a might chewy, and tickle going down.)

Dress the turkey, this does not mean to put him on pants and a shirt.( Clean out the inside.) save the parts you might use later.

Cut his head off and neck. ( wow I bet your getting hungry!)

Johnnie's Turkey Recipe on how to prepare him for dinner. (eat)

Okay for those of you who are rich and have a store bought turkey same Turkey Recipe applies.

1. Preheat oven to 350.

2. Place the turkey into a large pan, deep enough to hold juices that will cook from turkey.

3. Grease turkey with butter salt and pepper to taste, Garlic, onion what ever spice you prefer.

Make a tent from aluminum foil.

If it is a self basting turkey you can make a tight seal with the foil. Make air holes for steam to excape.

I still like to baste it three or four times during cooking.

Bake twenty minutes for each pound he weighs. ( 10 pounds 2 hours)

Pop up timer should be popped up by then, if not it is broken.

Stick a fork in the center of the breast or the thigh to check to see if it is done.


Now enjoy your feast!! In 3 days after eating turkey breakfast, lunch and dinner.


ęcopyright 7- 27 - 04

Johnnie Oakes