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Hi, welcome to my page just call me Katie.

"On The Wings of a dove"


My name is Katie O'Leary, I was born about 82 summers ago,

I've never been in a car, never saw a moving picture show,

I've never saw the city lights, never been to the county fair,

I've never been to a beauty shop, always done my own hair,

I've looked over the mountain tops, saw the Sun come up,

I've saw my old yellow dog, taking care of her pups,

I've saw the birth of children, I don't know how many,

There is one thing for sure, I have saw plenty,

I've saw all the things that I need to see, in this old life,

I had ten children of my own, been a Mother and wife,

I've no need for things out there, I have it all right here,

I have lived a life that I love, don't worry about me.. be of good cheer.

ęCopyright 9/16/02 ~ Johnnie Oakes ~


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