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Silent Scream (Katrina)

Katrina, roared in the Gulf Coast on August the twenty ninth, two thousand and five,

Hardly a structure was left standing, many lost their lives.
She took away the things people had worked for so many years,
She left heartache and sadness, a valley of tears.

As you take a look around you, wondering how can this be?
The worst disaster has hit your area in all history.
You cry as you hear of your friends that did not live through Katrina's rage,
At this moment, you feel like a trapped animal in a cage.

Silent Scream tearing at your broken heart,
Knowing that Katrina had torn your world apart.
You had lived in your home for over thirty years,
As you look at what once was your home, you break down in tears.

You see friends and neighbors with haunted eyes of disbelief,
It is like the death of a dear loved one, so much heartache and grief.
As you dig through the rubble of what once was your home,
The pain is so great you feel you cannot carry on.

Bent but not broken you know you must not give in,

Knowing in your heart that you will be whole again.

You know katrina wrath has destroyed the Mississippi Gulf Coast, it will never be the same,

She could not taken your faith, your soul nor memories with you they remain.

The people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast will stand together as one,

We will remain tall and sturdy til this battle we have won.

Your friends and dear loved ones reach out to you,
You feel hope returning, a way of life that is new.

ęcopyright Johnnie Oakes


To the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

God Bless You All!