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"Can You Feel The Love Tonight"


It's the little things in life, that makes it seem worthwhile,

Like a newborn baby, who brings on a smile.

Have you ever watched in wonder, as he lies in his mother's arms,

He knows that he is safe, and she will keep him from harm.

You see those tiny hands resting upon her face,

While he peers at his mother, as none can take her place.

Do you ever watch in wonder as this new life starts to bloom,

It seems the world's stopped turning, for just a moment in the room.

Have you ever sat and watched as the evening shadows fall,

Or watch a flickering candle cast playful images on the wall.

Have you ever taken time to witness the beauty of a setting sun,

With your heart growing fonder, remembering that special someone.

It's the little things in life, that don't cost a dime.

Butá fill up your spirit, if only you'd take the time.

Take the time to be a friend whose never too busy or far away,

A simple act of kindness can highlite someone's day.

Life is challenging there isn't any doubt,

But if you don't forget the little things, the rest will all work out.

ęcopyright ~ JOHNNIE OAKES ~