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" Special Angel"

My Love For You

Deep inside this heart of mine I have a love to share,

This is the day to take the time to let you know I care.

So on this day my love I must tell you once more,

My love reaches out to you as far as the distant shore.

I know that I am lucky that you are by my side,

The love I have for you my love can never be denied.

The first day that I looked upon your sweet handsome face,

From that moment on you filled an empty space.

I thank God for every moment, that you and I have known,

The way you make me like myself, help me to remain strong.

We have shared so many troubled times, they almost broke my heart,

You always pulled me in your warm arms, never let me fall apart.

We giggle just like children, We can talk of anything,

No matter what we talk about you make this heart sing.

My love has grown for you with each passing each day.

Thank you for the love you've shown, the tender things you say.

I will always love you my sweet love I will make you proud of me,

By your side with this true love, I will forever be.

We will walk through this world together not matter what we must face,

We will awaken each morning with a smile and a warm embrace.