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"Dream Weaver"



Come journey with me around the universe,

Don't bother packing a suitcase, and you won't need your purse.

No ticket is required on this magical carpet ride,

Neither is a compass because the stars will be our guide.

We'll lift off from the roof top just like jolly St. Nick,

All we need is imagination, because that is the trick.

As we glide during our magic carpet ride,

The Moon and Stars will be our guide.

We will see mountains bright and fair,

As we float high in the air;

You will see the desert painted land,

With all kinds of tiny creatures in the sand.

The ocean's just below us, see the dolphins swimming around?

Close your eyes so we can lift higher off the ground.

As we travel there is the Milky Way,and Jupiter, Mercury and Mars;

Quick, make a wish, did you see shooting star?

Our travels have only just begun,

But now I feel the warmth of the sun,

Which means the dawn is now breaking, and we must awaken soon;

But, hey, look before we go, did you see the man in the moon?

ęcopyright ~ Johnnie Oakes ~