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"So This is Christmas"



I was asked to dress as Mrs. Santa at the center my momma called home.

When I arrived, my momma was so sick she could not even get out of bed.

I went to the party a very sad Mrs. Santa.

This child wanted a picture of her and I together.

She told me her name was Becky and that her grammy lived here with my momma.

I sat down on the floor and she sat down on my lap.

As I was holding her, she told me the story of this special ring.

It cost me 3 dollars Mrs. Santa.

It was on the top in the gum machine, I smiled at her.

Mrs. Santa, it has magic, it will make you feel good. "It is the best thing I own".

Her mom took pictures of us and gave me one.

As I was leaving I noticed the sound of tiny little feet running behind me.

There was Becky, she jumped into my arms.

In her tiny little hand, was the ring.

She hugged me and said " My Momma said it is okay to give you this."

As she placed it in my hand, I cried. "Mrs. Santa this will make you happy forever."

I have received many gifts that I will keep and treasure.

The greatest gift I have ever gotten was a magic ring filled with love from a tiny little girl named Becky.

Her grammy passed away a few days later, I will always think of her and her granddaughter at Christmas.

This was to be my Mom's last Christmas here with me. She went home to be with the Lord 12/05/00.

Merry Christmas Momma, I sure miss you.

This one was taken the first year was Ms. Santa.

ęcopyright 12/09/02

~ Johnnie Oakes ~


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