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Her name was Margaret Sherry, she stood only five foot tall,

She was born for a mission in this life and answered to the call.

She was a loving wife and Mother, a friend to the " little man ".

She was alway's ready to listen to your problem's, lend a helping hand.

She stood up for the people that worked for an honest living,

Had a strong yet kindered spirit, known for her sweet giving's.

She left behind a legacy and a pattern to live by,

No matter what your goals in life, reach for the sky.

She believed in doing what was right, no matter what the cost,

She fought for truth and justice, this is why her life was lost.

If they thought they could silence her they could never be more wrong,

She will never fade away, her sweet memory will live on.

ęcopyright Johnnie Oakes

In memory of Margaret Sherry, a true Southern lady.