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"Amazing Grace"


As I awoke this morning, a pain filled my heart,

My thoughts turned to Mary, she knew from the start.

How did she hold her son, the one that she had just given birth,

Knowing this little boy was sent to save the Earth?

She saw this little boy feeding at her breast,

Watched in wonder as He took His first steps.

She felt her chest swell up with pride as she watched her little boy,

I can almost see her eyes as He filled her heart with joy.

He was only twelve years old when He started to spread His Father's word,

So many wonders He performed, so many miracles occurred.

These years must have passed quickly for she knew what lay ahead,

Then came the day that she had to watch her child die, a crown of thorns upon His head.

Artwork courtesy of the Inspired Artwork of Danny Hahlbohm. It is copyrighted and used with his permission."

The pain that Mary saw as His death gave way to victory,

To watch her son die upon that dogwood tree.

On the third day He arose; death could not keep Him in the ground,

He gave victory and peace to Mary and the world, He will never let you down.

Two thousand years have passed since He died upon that tree,

He looked ahead in time, gave His life for you and me.

He was joined with His Father, He sits by His side,

Keeping watch over all of us to be our loving guide.

ęcopyright ~ Johnnie Oakes ~