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Quiet, but not completely the beating of my heart,

Telling of a sweeter time when you said we'd never part.

The sound of water as it journeys the winding mountain stream,

Two hearts beating together, of the years ahead they dream.

Embracingly we sat planning, in the glow of the moonlight,

Only the beating our two hearts awakening the silence of the night.

My head resting on your shoulder, as you whispered words of love to me,

Echoed by the hooting of the owl perched high in the old elm tree.

Time has spanned and now only your memory remains,

Alone I sit throughout the evenings, my heart crying in pain.

In your arms did you really hold me?

Will our love grow deeper each day with the depth of the Sea?

Or was feeling you the pleasantry of a dream?

Our journey together, as the traveling waters in the mountain stream.

I await your return with endless passing of each night and day,

My beating heart filling me with promise that you are not very far away.

©copyright ~ Johnnie Oakes ~