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I love my WebTv and my online friends,

If you tried to connect this morning, You know the shape I was in,

This message on the screen, said " Try again later we are busy now"

I tried to compose myself, but I had not a clue how,

So I dashed to my phone called 1800-GO-WEBTV,

Hoping somebody, would listen to me,

This song kept right on playing till I was just about NUTS!!

I will tell you the truth, it was a BIG pain in the butt,

A nice voice kept saying " Your call is important to us,"

So, I made up my mind....... maybe I should not to put up a big fuss,

I found myself wondering...... " Do You really need WEBTV and these online friends?"

HEY!! Hang ON!! I hate to be rude, but I have to GO!!! It is back on again.

Copyright ~ Johnnie Oakes ~

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