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"Always On My Mind"

I'm Never Alone

There are days when I feel, that I am turned inside out,

When I want to climb the highest mountain, just stand there and shout,

I feel like saying " God, why have Thou foresaken me?

I've tried to be what you would have me to be,

I feel like I am screaming, my soul cries out in pain,

As My Father in Heaven always has, He sends me the rain,

The rain that heals your spirit, washes your tears away,

Then I am fine, for another day,

So if you wonder how I can take this world on my own,

I may get lonely, but my friend, I will never be alone.

ęcopyright ~ Johnnie Oakes ~
For Donna White
God Bless you Sis You are a true inspiration. Love; Johnnie


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