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"Unchained Melody"


The right one is waiting for you.

There was a place inside of me were I could let no one go,

A pain and grief so very deep, I dared not let it show,

I played the game of funny girl, I never had a care,

If I let someone go to this place..... these thing I would have to share,

I did what was expected of me, and tried to please the crowd,

Yet some where deep inside of me my spirit screamed out loud,

I dare not share these thoughts to anyone I knew,

I played my role, did very well, and the years they quickly flew,

Some where hidden in my heart, was a little tiny girl,

She could laugh out loud, just be her self, not care about the world,

This little girl was never allowed to skip, run and play,

She often went to bed at night with worries of the day,

As time went by she was not missed, was she really ever there?

Did this little girl just go away like memories of a fair?

The one day just when she thought that life had passed her by,

She awoke to find a special gift a sweet and handsome guy,

She now awakes to face each day, knowing that she can,

Why was she given this second chance?

Will she ever understand?

That it is ok, to just say no I'm not taking any more,

That even if she is not a beauty, she is cute that' is for sure,

You must wait on fate, it is a fact, that your time will come along,

Hold your head, take a big breath, because I know that you are strong.

copyright 6-21-01 Johnnie Oakes