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Today I noticed a tiny squirrel climbing a tall tree,

He did not appear to care how huge it seemed to be.

He climbed never thinking how long the journey to the top,

I guess he only though of storing his winter crop.

It did not seem to occur to him that he could slip and fall,

Other things around him, did not bother him at all.

He stayed busy, knew that fall was on the way,

He was getting ready for the cold winter's day.

I smiled, and all at once things didn't look so bad,

I had shared a moment with this little squirrel and saw the hope he had.

I sang a little song, as I watched him for a while,

I felt my heart grow lighter, he almost seemed to smile.

Today I will work with what I have, try not to long for anything more,

The day looming before me will be easier than it seemed before.

I can climb the highest mountain, face the raging sea,

I can do almost anything when I believe in me.

ęcopyright Johnnie Oakes ~ 9/16/03