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Somewhere out there ( song playing)

No Sad Good bye's

As the Sun is slowly setting she quietly fades away.

Her memory is drifting back to sweet happier days.

Some people may think looking back bleak.

As a smile appears on her lovely face she grows more pale and weak.

She sees a sweet young lady with long flowing hair,

The girl looking up at the handsome man with tender loving care.

They make a wish upon a shooting star.

He takes her hand as in their mind they travel to Jupiter and Mars.

To win her love he would go to any length.

They hold on tightly for over fifty years with all of their strength.

The years seem to have flown by they had a few ups and downs,

He was always there when she dipped to close to the ground.

Some of the children had joined him many years before,

Still she keeps them in her heart stored forever more.

She is not afraid as it is almost time, she will join her family soon.

She smiles waves no sad good bye's as she sees the stars, Jupiter the moon.

ęcopyright Johnnie Oakes