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"lean on me"

Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing Lasts forever I've heard some people say,

It is strange I did not understand until I woke up today,

Sadness can come to you turn your world upside down,

Then someone can say just one kind word that can turn it all around,

To everything there is a season I was raised on these words,

Until this morning I guess it never really occurred ,

Our life is like a puzzle we try to figure it all out,

Just when it all fits together we have left some pieces out,

You need to add a shot of kindness, a dash of hope,

Perhaps a gentle helping hand to help a loved one cope,

We are all in this together we will be until the end,

Take time today to let someone know that you are a friend,

You will know how good it feels to help someone in need,

You might just be the only Bible that some people read.


©copyright 10/19/02 ~Johnnie Oakes~