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Victoria one picture I snail mail will be.

ME, Rocky Sensney (son) and Oral Mae Sensney Rockys Mom)

the 2nd is Me Oral Mae Rocky & staff.

This is just a run down on information.

Your da boss! ;-)


Wishes to thank the staff of The Port O Call for your support.

It is nice people like you and your staff that make's SKYLINE what it is today.

We are going more with each issue.

We welcome you and are happy that you're now a part of SkyLine Magazine.

Everyone is like Family at The Port O Call.

Johnnie will tell you " The people at The Port O Call are very nice and the food is yummy".

For great food, great service and a nice place to take your family, it is The PORT O CALL!

228 - 392 - 0335

Thank you PORT O CALL!!