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Johnnie Oakes Press Release


Johnnie Oakes of Biloxi, Mississippi made her literary debut in the May/June issue of Skyline Magazine.

Johnnie's poetry, a patriotic piece entitled The Eagle, and Thinking Of You, a nostalgic, memorable work of broken-hearted romance, were included among the literary contributions highlighting this issue of the classic New York magazine.

Skyline Magazine is a bi monthly publication, offering established and new authors, poets and artists a national and international platform to display their work.

The magazine is distributed throughout the nation and to some international locations.

Johnnie's work can also be found on her web site, which she has maintained for the past six years:

The May/June issue of 2004 Johnnie be with Skyline one year.

Johnnie shares a variety of poetry of all genres on her web site.

Some of her 'comedy' poems will be featured in July/August issue of Skyline Magazine.

In September, the magazine will run a special interview with this amazingly, multi-talented Mississippi resident.

You can purchase Skyline Magazines containing the work of Johnnie Oakes, in area stores or directly from the publisher's web site:

For further information regarding Johnnie's upcoming publications,her e-mail address is

or 845-227-5171 for magazine sales, advertising, Johnnie Oakes contact number is 228-435-1914.