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Reaching out

Reaching out from the depths of my soul trying to understand,

How a small word can strike horror to the biggest man. áá

It makes no difference who you are woman, man, boy or girl,

The six letter word call cancer will upset your entire world.

I have had a family member or friend that has Cancer it was hard to take,

When I was told " you have Cancer" my entire world started to shake.

I think of all the people I had known with Cancer throughout the years,

As I sit tonight I know how it feels to be consumed with fear.

I went through the painful surgery and now I am Cancer free,

I am so glad to be alive I thank God for helping me.

There are so many people fighting cancer man, woman, boy and girl,

God please help these dear people all around the world.

ęcopyright 4/11/2006

Johnnie Oakes