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"Tara's Theme From Gone With The Wind"


Yes, I am Southern, I have been from the start,

You know, being Southern is a feeling in the heart,

You could be born In the South, yes in the North too,

You can still be a Southerner, I have hope for you.

Southern is a way of life, simple, slow and true,

We were taught never to hurt anyone, even if they hurt you,

We were taught to respect the older folks and love our children, too,

We were taught to count our blessings when they seemed very few.

We were taught to help a stranger, that is part of the " Golden Rule" ........

do unto others as you would have them do to you.

Never doubt a Southerner they are taught to Love you all,

One more thing about us? NEVER push us to the wall.

copyright ~ JOHNNIE OAKES ~


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