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"The Rose


Oh, why you look so lonely, a sadness in your eyes,

Others have walked this path before, never be ashamed to cry,

Let me see you through your eyes the sadness the thing you now must face,

Come sit by my side let's talk awhile, I will let you in my space.

When you feel the darkness falling, shadows all around,

I will sit with you til' morning, lift your spirit from the ground.

Nothing you could say, nothing you could confess,

Nothing that is in this could make me love you less.

I will still be there when everyone one turns away,

I have made you a promise, and by your side I will stay.

Come on and talk to me now, let go of the troubles you have deep inside,

I will listen with an open mind, no matter the problem you have nothing to hide.

There are many crossroads we all travel on life's pathway,

I will stand by you through them all until you see a brighter day.

Let me be there for you til' that sunshine comes along,

Let's cling to each other this will help us both remain strong.

Hurtful words spoken, can rip at the heart strings,

We know we have each other, and the joy this bond will bring.

Take me in into your deepest, darkest hour when you are feeling all alone,

I will hold you once again, help you to remain strong.

Just down the road is a brighter day filled with joy and love,

You will feel peace deep within like the sweet sound of a dove.


ęcopyright Johnnie Oakes